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At we constantly strive to make it as easy as possible for Buy Side market participants to gain access to our network – independent of the software used for order and trade management. We are therefore steadily increasing our partnerships with independent software vendors, who allow their users to route electronic order flow directly from their front end to the brokers and platforms of their choice, via  This adds considerable value to the ISV’s proposition and allows Buy Side customers to adapt their order routing and management process to today’s digital standard and demands.

The following VENDOR firms are connected to the FIXhub order routing network and allow their users to route orders electronically via

Aqua Valley Solutions S.A.

Allocare AG

Almis Informática Financiera, S.L.

Capital Banking Solutions

Cube Finance


FST Financial Software Technologies

iComps GmbH

PATRONAS Financial Systems GmbH

PSplus Portfolio Software + Consulting GmbH



Please contact us for more information.

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